SPQ’s formal network of industry contacts, associations, and partnering relationships, gives us access to the best talent. We firmly believe that our clients are entitled to the best possible service, from the most qualified source. We act as a single point of contact, as an extension of our client's own staff, to coordinate and manage in-house and/or third party resources so that our clients always receive the best value and highest quality service in the fastest time frame available.

Technical and Logistic Services

Our technical team offers the best turnaround time in the service provider industry, coupled with lowest costs and highest quality.   Every work flow process, from custom assembly, modification, repair, refurbish, parts inventory, warehouse storage, to transportation logistics, is accompanied with an accurate and detailed work report managed by SPQ's Enterprise Management System (EMS).   Your business can store, service, and deliver your products under one roof – now that’s supply chain management from start to finish.

Enterprise Management System (EMS)

Enterprise Management System (EMS) is a proprietary database system that can provide valuable business and technical information for your operations.  The system interlinks SPQ’s workstations to retrieve, store, analyze, and effectively provide real-time data and analytics that help our client’s business decisions.

Enterprise Consultation and Support (ECS)

Customer service is usually the face of a company and SPQ has developed a unique customer relation management program under Enterprise Consultation and Support (ECS) to meet the growing needs of our clients.  Over years of valuable experience makes SPQ's service one of the most cost effective customer care contender in the industry.  

We offer a dedicated team and EMS system capable to interact and track customer's request and provide feedbacks to better navigate your business through today's market.  Combined with SPQ's rich technical service background, Enterprise Consultation and Support (ECS) can help build your organization's image and represent your product branding to the next level.